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14 before and after VFX shots that will make you blink twice.

Movies are inspirations and building an inspiration isn’t something that every tom, dick or harry can do. Besides just having a great script and superstars, a movie’s editing plays a major role in its success. When we see a trailer of a particular movie, there are these magnificent locations and some stunt scenes which pull us to the theater to watch the movie.

However, not all these stunt and spectacular location scenes are real. They are sometimes the result of extra ordinary editing, which has now been very common in the film industry. There are some special effects that work wonders for a film.

A scene is been shot just in front of a green background and after giving special effects it looks like a real location.Not every director shoots all the romantic scenes in Switzerland; it is again the wonder of VFX effects. There are scenes that make us go wow, but again just the magic of after effects.

Here are some before and after pictures of VFX that will make you blink twice.


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