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25 pictures of Deepika Padukone which she might want to delete from the Internet

Deepika Padukone is the name currently the name synonym to the female perfectionist of Bollywood. She now owns the power of golden touch, her presence in a movie is all that it needs to make it a blockbuster hit. It is not that her movies run good only because of her name; it is her acting skill that makes her movie worth a watch. This lady with the cutest dimple smile wasn’t born with a golden spoon; she had no godfather in Bollywood.

All the credit for her success goes to herself, solely. Not only is this actress good at handling difficult roles, but also she is brilliant at handling all the difficult situations in her personal life. For her facing her break up phase with ex Ranbir Kapoor was not at all easy, in fact it lead her into depression which she overcame bravely. Nevertheless, her personal life struggles didn’t undermined her acting career at all.

In a very short span of time Deepika has established a place in Bollywood which other actresses crave badly to achieve. Be it Shanti from ‘Om Shanti Om’ or Mastani from ‘Bajirao Mastani’ all her roles were remarkable. Her sense of choosing the right script to choosing the right partner, she is best at everything. Though Deepika has worked intensely in number of movies, but it was her role in ‘Cocktail’ that marked a turning point in her career. Well, the popular one gets in this industry the more are the problems one has to face. Every star has to pay for the fame he gets. Actors can escape from everything but not from the eyes of Media.

It is Paparazzi that follows a star everywhere. Sometimes our stars know when and who is clicking their picture, but sadly many a times they get clicked unknowingly. Not always it is necessary that an actor or actress will look super fabulous in all their pictures; there are some embarrassing pictures of stars too.  And Deepika has faced such trauma of getting her weird pictures on the web.

Here we bring a collection of not so good pictures of Deepika Padukone which we are sure she might want to delete permanently from the internet.


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