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7 Bollywood Celebrities And Inside Pictures Of Their Breathtaking Homes!

Bollywood celebrities work hard and they definitely know how to spend their hard earned on building their ‘dream homes’.  Life of a celebrity is different from that of a common man. The former live in lavish penthouses, mansions, and vacation homes and feature amenities that are beyond luxurious.

While a middle-class man spends months finding a home suitable according to his budget, Bollywood stars live in incredible homes that are designed by famous Interior designers who represent their lifestyle in unique yet stylish ways.

For you to have a look at what your favorite star’s home looks like, let us take you on a ride in which you’ll witness the luxury and unusual beauty of Bollywood stars and their breathtaking homes.

Go ahead, have a look at the gorgeous homes of most style-savvy stars and discover their luxurious lifestyle.

1. Queen Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Palace’

Kangana Ranaut has got her home in the city designed by Interior designer Richa Bahl, wife of Director Vikas Bahl. The actress has designed her home sweet home like her great grandmother’s ancestral house which had rustic walls and wooden beamed ceiling. It’s undoubtedly simple, beautiful, and royal and the same time how she has designed her home in her own unique way.

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2. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s ‘Mannat’

Shah Rukh Khan’s abode ‘Mannat’ is located in Bandstand, Mumbai and offers a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea. This beautiful mansion is personally styled by his wife Gauri Khan herself and is every bit luxurious as anybody could imagine.

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3. Irrfan Khan’s majestic abode

Irrfan Khan is a creative genius and his new house in Mumbai says all about the actor’s experimental taste. The actor has a living room pond in his home which looks like a Turkish bathtub, created with the blue stone in the square. His home is designed by Shabnam Gupta who has made sure that the house gets ample of natural light and looks as energetic as possible.

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4. Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna’s artistic mansion

Akshay and Twinkle’s mansion has the best of luxuries and technologies along with a stunning view of the Arabian Sea from their front garden. Contemporary art, family photographs, and curios loaded with personal memories transform the clean lines of their duplex apartment in Mumbai into a private heaven.

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5. Alia Bhatt’s cozy dream house

Alia Bhatt’s three bedroom home in Juhu is a simple, cozy and completely glamour-free. The young actor has kept her home quite simple yet classic and chic at the same time. Alia’s dressing room is designed with a mix of New York loft and swiss chalet. with muted lights and something that offers a New York loft kind of lifestyle. Designed by Richa Bahl, Alia’s home reflects the side of the actress that the camera has never seen.

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7. Inside Hrithik Roshan’s splendid seaside home

Bollywood’s handsome hunk, Hrithik Roshan‘s home in Mumbai is an island of calm and good humour. The Roshan home has a different room for a different experience altogether, a room to enjoy the beach life, a family corner, and the actor’s office which has a stack of bound scripts and tomes on moviemaking.

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7. Parineeti Chopra’s sea-facing home in Bandra, Mumbai.

Slipping into her role as a homeowner, actor Parineeti Chopra makes an impressive debut with a sea-facing Bandra house in Mumbai that is layered with facets of her personality. Parineeti looked at nearly 30 houses before she found this one. Her beautiful home in Mumbai is a classic example of style and sophistication.

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