7 Powerful Indian Women Who Don’t Care A Damn About What People Think And Don’t Wish To Have Kids!

Yes, kids are cute and we don’t have anything against them but today, we are going to give you’ll some harsh reality of the place we live in. Apparently, the society has created a certain guidelines which should be followed by everyone, according to them. First, they pressurise you to marry and then pressurise even more to bear kids. Wait, what? 

Today, we are going to disclose some wildly famous Indian married/non- married  Celebs who have proved the society wrong. They never cared a damn about the world and they never will (& it should be that way) 

Priyanka Chopra

She’s 34 and still doesn’t have marriage on her mind! Haw? Wait. Look where she has reached, maybe a place where no man has ever been. Way to go, gurl! 


Vidya Balan

She’s currently 38 years old and has done some phenomenal roles uptill now. Does she hate kids? No. Not at all, she loves them in fact! But it’s not always important for a happy couple to have a kid. There are some couples who are happy without one. Deal with it, society! 


Ekta Kapoor 

This woman is the owner of a 819 crore empire. And she has proved that, ‘a true woman, needs no man’. She’s got everything it takes to run a business as well as to run her own life. Oh, she’s living it as per her rules? What more does a woman need. 


Sania Mirza 

She is a star. Not just for us, but for the whole nation. She’s achieved all the success because of her hard work and had enough nerve to even marry the boy she loved. No matter what county, cast, religion he belongs to. She is happily married and doesn’t have any plan so to have a kid. Well, they’re enjoying their life, and who are we to judge? 



Tabassum Fatima Hashmi AKA Tabu has proved that you don’t need to beat kids to become a wonderful human. She’s 43 years old and is living her life to the fullest. She’s happy and so are we!


Rekha Ji

A legendary actress and a fashion icon, Rekha Ji truly knows to steal our hearts every time she’s on screen or on the stage. Let’s not even talk about her age, doesn’t she look mesmerising in the way she carries herself? 


Shabana Azmi 

She’s 66 and doesn’t have any kids. Haw? No, haw. She’s a Padma Shri- achieving woman and on top of that she’s even the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) which promotes contraception and abortion in India. Isn’t that great? 


Lata Ji 

She’s the only one in the entire Industry who’s got the highest civilian Ratna- The Bharat Ratna. She’s a legendary singer! She didn’t marry nor did she have any plans of having a kid. Maybe, that’s why she’s been able to reach at this position. 


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