9 Bollywood families who are currently ruling the industry

In the entire nepotism debate, one will be completely blind if they think nepotism in Bollywood is a myth. Nepotism exists in Bollywood and so is talent. One can get a grand break by having a Bollywood connection, but cannot run for a long in the industry if they don’t have talent. There these talented and famous families of Bollywood, who have their stronghold in the industry. Acting is indeed in their genes, and hence, they are ruling the industry. These families are getting stronger day by day with their new generation taking the acting legacy ahead.

So here’s the list of Bollywood families who are currently ruling the industry.

  1. The Chopras

Yash Chopra gave Bollywood some of the classic hits ever, his elder son Aditya Chopra followed his steps in Direction. Even lacking acting skills, Uday still got his hands on some big banner films. Daughter-in-law Rani Mukherjee is already an acting queen.

  1. Pankaj Kapoor and family

Every member of Pankaj Kapoor’s family is a talented actor, be it his wife Supriya Pathak, elder son Shahid Kapoor, or the young addition to Bollywood, Ishan Khattar.

  1. The Akhtar family

Although not all the members of the Akhtar family are into acting, some of them have shown their talent off-screen. Javed Akhtar is an ace writer, daughter Zoya is fine direction, wife Shabana is a versatile actress and son Farhan Akhtar is not just a talented actor, but a singer, writer, and director too.

  1. Anil Kapoor and family

Anil Kapoor is an evergreen superstar, his daughter Sonam Kapoor proved acting runs in her blood by giving a splendid performance in Neerja. His son Harshvardhan Kapoor is also trying hard to make his place in Bollywood.

  1. The Kapoor Khandan

We can’t specifically name some members of the family who are ruling the industry with their acting, as the entire family is into the industry.

  1. Salman Khan and family

Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan has already left his mark in Bollywood with his writings. Salman is the greatest star of Bollywood right now, and both his brothers are into acting as well.

  1. The Bhatt Family

Mahesh Bhatt is a popular director, his elder daughter Pooja left acting and walked in her father’s path of Direction. Younger daughter Alia Bhatt is already ruling the industry at such a young age.

  1. Saif Ali Khan and family

From mother Sharmila Tagore to Saif Ali Khan, the family has acting in their genes. Saif’s sister Soha has tried her luck in acting as well, his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan is already one of the most loved actresses, and his daughter Sara Ali Khan is all gearing up to make her grand debut in the industry.


  1. Boney Kapoor and family

Boney Kapoor is an ace director, his wife Sridevi was a legendary actress, son Arjun Kapoor is also a young star, while daughter Jahnvi Kapoor is all set to make her debut in the industry.


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