Bigg Boss 11’s Hina Khan Gets Awfully Slammed For Dancing During Ramzan.

Trolls and Hina Khan go hand-in-hand, we are saying this because, after getting trolled twice this month twice already, the actress has been slammed once again for dancing during Ramzan.

Hina posted a happy video of her dancing in a shimmery black outfit, but little did she know, that her happy video was actually an invite for her trolls to put her in trouble once again.


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It was just a matter of few minutes after Hina uploaded her video, people started trolling her taking a dig on her religious beliefs by giving comments like…

People awfully slammed the actress for not respecting the holy month of Ramzan and doing something which is against their religious beliefs. A comment on one of her posts right after the video, read, “U r doing wrong everything related to Islam its Ramadhan the month of ibadat at least try to respect it.”

What triggered this whole act, even more, were the pictures which Hina uploaded right after her dancing video. Instead of taking the video down, the actress’ pictures made her trolls even more furious about her actions during the month of Ramzan.

Check out the pictures here:





Trolls really do have a thing for Hina, don’t you think?

What do you think?

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