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Bigg Boss : Vikas Gupta’s new plan for finale is to win Shilpa’s heart. Is it true?

The mastermind of Bigg Boss, finally plays his last move. With the latest finale task ‘Vikas City’, he has dominated the house with his dictatorship. In this task he urges the other contestants to quit and press their respective buzzers. And if they do it, he earns a good amount of money for himself.

But the most shocking and disbelief thing that happened in the task was his behaviour with Shilpa Shinde. With the previous week altercation with Shilpa, Vikas made her look bad and showed his devil side. And Shilpa Shinde was hurt with all the negative vibes at the finale week.

Hold on though, the tables have turned. Vikas Gupta is back to his original plan and took his smartest move. The move was to be good to Shilpa and make her happy. This was only to show that he wants to get into good books of Shilpa and her large fan base.

The task was ruthless for other contestants, but for Shilpa it was simple. It was all about just to wear an orange saree and make some good food. But whatever it is, Shilpa has taken 10 steps forward and made her plan already to get Vikas Gupta chopped off.

Here are few snips off them :






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