After Chai Wala, This Tarbooz Wala Is Making Girls Feel Weak In The Knees!

There was a time once when you either needed to be actually talented or filthy rich to be famous. But gone are the days of actual struggle to get recognized by people in the world of social media. Nowadays, it just takes someone to spot you, and there you are! A Media Sensation within a few seconds.

The dashing Pakistani chai wala, Dhinchak Pooja, and wink girl Priya Varrier are some of the best examples of how your looks and “unique” talent can rose you to fame in just a few clicks.

While we believe that many girls out there are still not over Arshad Khan’s (chai wala) dream eyes, brace yourselves, because we have yet another dashing munda who’s caught our eye and has become viral for his beautiful face and smoldering eyes.

These pictures of a Pakistani tarbooz-wala is going viral for all the good reasons. Seriously, look how hot and handsome he is!

This good-looking man is not just a tarbooz-wala, but he is actually studying to be a Doctor. Muhammad Awais is the name of this beautiful man who is making girls feel in weak the knees with all his viral pictures. Don’t believe us? Have a look at his pictures by yourself.

**Warning – Those eyes can make you fall for em’**

Can’t decide who is much cuter, right?

That jawline though…

And that Swag is on another level altogether!

Isn’t he a doc so hot that you would want to be his patience like right away!?

Just in case if you think that it’s just us who are in love with Awais, the Internet is swooning over him too! Have a look:




And you thought handsome doctors only exist in Grey’s Anatomy!

What do you think?

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