Is this famous actress the daughter of Vijay Mallya?

The business tycoon who fled away scot-free after non-clearing the outstanding amount of  Rs 9,000 crore to 18 Indian Banks, was once known to be the king of good times. Vijay Mallya, was known for his extravagant lifestyle. Mallya’s interest in girls was never hidden from the media. He literally lived a life that of a king size. The liquor king even owns the Kingfisher Calendar which features the hottest supermodels of the world. He although had no connection with Bollywood, but was been clicked partying with a lot of actors and actress of the film industry.

He was quite often been clicked with Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy. While it all seemed like good friendly terms between them, later some reports started getting circulated, which claimed Mallya to be Sameera Reddy’s father.

Shocking isn’t it? The news started making rounds after it was disclosed that Mallya did the Kanyadan of Sameera Reddy in her wedding.

Kanyadan is a ritual which is done by the bride’s father during her wedding. Since Mallya and Sameera shared good bonding, he was the one who took the father’s place in her wedding.

How far the news of Sameera being his daughter is true is still not cleared, but they definitely are very close to each other.

Mallya is currently living in Britain and the Indian government is still trying to catch hold him.



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