Farhan Akhtar writes an open letter supporting his friend Hrithik Roshan

Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor, Yami Gautam & others agree

As the Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut saga continue, it only seems to be getting uglier & messier with each passing day. Guns are being fired and this time, Hrithik shocked all with a revealing interview by appearing on Nation wants to know with Arnab Goswami. And many Bollywood stars have come out in support of Hrithik. 
One of his childhood best friends Farhan Akhtar wrote an open letter in favor of Hrithik and some of the excerpts from his letter include, “She posted a picture of them together claiming it was taken during the years of their alleged affair. That picture was proved, beyond doubt, to have been manipulated. The actual image consisted of a group of friends including the man’s wife (now ex-wife) standing together in a party. Why were the others intentionally cropped out? She has no messages and no photographs to prove that she was in a 7-year long relationship with this man. Not even a picture of their alleged engagement in Paris, an event which he denies. Furthermore, he has asserted that his passport does not bear any stamp of travel to France during the time she alleges the engagement occurred nor are there any credible witnesses to this event.”
Don’t all these inconsistencies raise questions in your mind about the authenticity of the accusations? So what is the truth?” 
You can check the letter below:
He further added,”She claims they had an affair lasting 7 years and during that period, they exchanged a number of emails. 
While he denies ever mailing her, he has filed an official complaint, shared and submitted all necessary information and documents, handed over his personal phone and laptop to the concerned authorities. 
The woman has not. Apparently, she has avoided, till date, submitting her personal communication devices citing some reason or the other. 
In some past cases, this lack of cooperation has been deemed to be obstruction of justice. 
Handing over her phone and computer is not only the right thing to do morally and legally but is also the best possible way for her to prove she’s telling the truth. So why refuse or delay?”
Ever since Farhan posted this on his social media profile, fellow actors started pouring words of support in Hrithik’s favor.
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