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Here’s how Bollywood celebs reacted to Salman Khan’s 5 Years jail term

Salman Khan is by far the most controversial celebrity we have today. While his humanitarian side is loved and praised by all, but the criminal cases he has on him makes everyone think twice about his humanity. Recently the actor got convicted in the 20-Year old blackbuck poaching case. Yesterday the session court of Jodhpur sentenced Salman Khan to jail for 5 years with a fine of 10,000 for Blackbuck poaching case.

A lot of people believed that justice has finally prevailed, many of the even felt that it was not fair to put Salman Khan behind the bars for 5 years. Since Salman Khan has a huge fan following, his fans were really upset with the judgment. Even the Bollywood industry was in complete shock, many of them took it to Twitter to express their opinion upon the court’s decision.

Here’ how Bollywood celebs reacted to Salman Khan’s 5 Years jail term

  1. This is what actress turned politician Jaya Bachchan has to say upon the matter.


2. Actor Arjun Rampal felt helpless over the matter

3. Actor Suyyash Rai felt the judgment was unfair


4. Director Subash Ghai was shocked


5. Shilpa made a valid point


6. Kamya Punjabi expressed her feelings in just two words

7. Bigg Boss contestant Bandgi Kalra supports Salman

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