Angry WTF

Kapil Sharma posts abusive tweets for the media while supporting Salman Khan

The entire Bollywood was shocked after the verdict on Salman Khan’s 20-year-old blackbuck poaching case came out yesterday. The Jodhpur court sentenced Salman Khan to 5 years in Jail. While a lot of people supported the judgment and called it fair, it was definitely opposed by his fans. A lot of Salman’s friends and well-wishers from the industry took it to Twitter to express their grief on the matter. Comedian Kapil Sharma totally lost his cool over the matter and twitted in the most abusive manner. He seems to have been angry over the way the media covered the entire Salman Khan news yesterday. He went on using abusive words for the media. Later he even deleted those tweets.

Here’s what he tweeted.


मैंने बहुत सारे ऐसे महाराजा टाइप लोग देखे हैं जो बड़े फ़ख़्र से बताते हैं की हमने शेरकाशिकार किया .. मैं मिला हु उनसे. सलमान बहुत लोगों की मदद करता है.. अच्छा आदमी है..I don’t know if he did it or not .. but see his best sides.. ghatiya system .. let me do good work ..


— KAPIL (@KapilSharmaK9) April 6, 2018

N a request to media.. pls don’t make it negative news just to sell ur paper … he is a nice man n he will [email protected] out of it soon.इतने बड़े बड़े घोटाले हो हुए.. तब तो तुम बोले नहीं..कितना लेते हो negative न्यूज़ स्प्रेड करने के liye.u fucking paid media ..specially @Spotboye u mc


— KAPIL (@KapilSharmaK9) April 6, 2018

According to sources this is the news .. u motherfucker why don’t u tell who r ur sources


— KAPIL (@KapilSharmaK9) April 6, 2018

Maa chuda Gaya yahan ka system.. Saale ghatiya log .. Agar main prime minister hota to fake news banane walo ko faansi laga deta.. saale ghatiya


— KAPIL (@KapilSharmaK9) April 6, 2018


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