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Did you know what happens to the Clothes that Actors Wear in Movies?

The credit for bringing new fashion trends goes to Bollywood celebrities. A larger number of Indian population treat their favorite stars as their fashion icons. The actors indeed have to be very careful about what they wear, since they know people will be judging and following them. Even the costumes they wear in movies are very important.

They are carefully designed according to their roles. Wondering what do they do with those heavy beautiful costumes? Here’s what happens to the clothes that Bollywood actors wear in movies.

1. Reuse them

A lot of production houses store the clothes for future use. They store the clothes and later use them by mix-matching them with other clothes. Some are given to the extras

2. Goes back to the designer-

When a famous designer designs a costume, very often it happens that the designer takes their piece with them once the shoot is done.


3. Re-design them-

Many times they get the costumes unstitched and re-design them


4. Auction them-

When an outfit grabs the most attention, they mostly get auctioned online. The amount they get from the auction is been given to some NGO or charity.


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