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In Midst Of Aashka & Brent’s Stunning Wedding, This Beauty Took Away Our Heart!

She is immensely beautiful with a confidence like never seen before.

Anmol Rodriguez, a name which truly defines bravery, confidence, sheer beauty, pretty soul and an ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude. Anmol is the youngest acid attack survivor in India who is currently living her life like a queen. But today, let’s just talk about this pure soul and how beautiful she is.

Anmol has never cared about her appearance after the unfortunate event that took place in her life, she really doesn’t give a f**k about what people think about her looks. She has always been this beautiful like she is right now! We have immense love for this lady as she is the prettiest in her own way, she is the reality and a true inspiration. While everyone on the Internet is going crazy about Aashka & Brent‘s wedding, we just fell crazy and madly in love with Anmol and her absolutely beautiful look for the couple’s wedding in Ahmedabad.

Girl, we are totally in love with you! And shortly after looking at these stunning pictures of her you too will become a fan. Guaranteed.

Check out her pictures from Aashka & Brent’s wedding over here:

That smile of hers is just breath-taking. Isn’t it? ?

Along with stealing away all the limelight here, she stole our heart too! More power to you girl. ❤️

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