Here are the then and now pictures of famous roadies contestants

No matter whether you were an ardent fan of Roadies or not, but you can’t absolutely deny to not recognize the show. The show slightly lost its popularity after the main judges of the show Raghu and Rajiv were replaced. The old seasons of the show were pure gold, none of us can forget the contestants and the way they entertained us back then. The youth show still remains irreplaceable.  Many of the ex-roadies contestants made their career in film or TV, and some of them even disappeared. However, many of these contestants left a lasting impression on the audience.


Here are some of the then and now pictures of famous roadies contestants.

  • Anmol Singh (Season 5)

  • Shubi Mehta (Season 3)

  • Bani J (Season 4)

  • Ayaz Ahmed (Season 5)

  • Rannvijay Singh (Season 1)

  • Shambhavi Sharma (Season 5)

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