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Padmavati trailer is out & get to know what to expect from the movie

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s most ambitious project Padmavati is finally releasing on 1st December. The filmmaker faced many problems relating to the film. The people had opposed to him making the film on the queen Padmavati & had damaged the film’s set to a great extent. If this wasn’t enough one of the sets had caught fire & had delayed the schedule of the film.

However, fighting all odds Bhansali has finally shared the trailer for everyone to see. And it will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY! We kid you not. Every frame n the trailer tells a story & like every other Bhansali movie it is a visual treat. Elegant costumes, gigantic forts, huge army & powerful character profiles are just some of things that this movie seems to have.

The trailer starts with a scene where Maharawal Ratan Singh & Rani Padmavati are entering their fortress amidst hundreds of guards. Deepika is introduced first in the trailer & she looks every bit of a Queen clad in red lehenga & heavy-duty Rajasthani choker & other jewelry. Be it the scene where Padmavati stitches beads on Maharawal’s turban or the scene where Khilji (Ranveer Singh) is seen entering a room smelling a lotus & a guard showering rose petals on him, each scene manages to keep you hooked.

There is an elaborate sequence where the army is heading through the desert & we can a bloodied Khilji chining up assuring that there will some heavy duty fight sequences as well. Ranveer Singh’s hair is seen going from mid-waist to shoulder length & he very effortlessly manages to convince that he is the bad boy in the movie.

Deepika Padukone looks pretty as Padmavati & is seen standing by her husband and supporting him in his fight presumably against Khilji. Shahid Kapoor just gets better with age. He is looking absolutely radiant with those 8 pack abs in place and manages to convince us that he is the perfect fit for playing a king.

If you don’t believe us check some screenshots from the trailer for yourself:


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OMG! Padmavati trailer is out & it will give you goosebumps!!!

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