Phullu Trailer- A man struggling hard to make sanitary napkins for women of his village

Amidst the fight against making sanitary napkin tax free in our country, here comes a movie ‘Phullu’ which shows a man struggling hard to make women’s life easier, by introducing cheaper sanitary napkins in his village. The trailer of the film was released today, and within no time it received acclamation of the unique and hard hitting concept. A film which is indeed a much needed lesson for male as well females of India, to break all the taboos related to menstruation. The story of the film revolves around the life of Phullu and his wife (Jyotii Sethi), who are living in a village where they have barely heard about pads. It is only when Phullu visits a medical store in a city where he finds about sanitary napkins. Later on he learns the health issues which women can face if they aren’t using sanitary napkins. Phullu then decides to learn how to make sanitary napkins so that he can sell them at a cheaper rate, and make the life of women better.

In his mission he faces many backlashes from the women of his village and even from his mother. But nothing stops him from going ahead. The film also features Jyotii Sethi as Phullu’s wife who unlike others supports her husband’s efforts. His wife herself is going through a tough time, which is not been revealed in the trailer. We don’t know whether Phullu will be able to accomplish his mission in the film, but the trailer has successfully won our hearts. Story of the film is definitely thought-provoking and promising, and it deserves to be seen in theater. 

Directed by Abhishek Saxena, the movie stars, Sharib Ali Hashmi, Jyotii Sethi, and Nutan Surya in lead roles. It is slated to release on the 16th of June, 2017.  

Take a look at the trailer.


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