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Priyank Sharma, should get a reality check and stop supporting Hina Khan.

Wondering why did we just tell Priyank Sharma to get a reality check? This is because, post his eviction we are assuming that he is not done his homework well. Are you still confused? Wait, let’s clear it. Priyank Sharma post his eviction went straight to his social media page and started ranting about ‘Save Hina’ and ‘Save Vikas’. Saving Vikas is primary, as they have past good relations and they are more than friends. Agreed. But saving Hina option is very pointless.

We believe that, Hina’s behaviour on the show has been going up and down the graph and her sly comments have been all over the internet. Leaving that aside, the way she played her game with her two favourites Luv and Priyank was not acceptable. Indeed, they shared good friendship and had some of the best moments in the house. But all the Priyank fans would disagree and be sad that he is still supporting her.

When Priyank was eliminated, not only did she think twice to go and tell him a goodbye but also had some drama. Priyank should be smart and not fall for things. And make some best decisions. These are the words of his fans and many other people outside the house.

We just wish you Priyank, that play you pawn right and trust the right. Whereas giving out these messages are cute as well.

All the best buddy for your future .

Here is the Instagram post he put for Hina Khan :







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Who is this guy supporting Vikas from Day 1? Hint : More than Friends.

Rivals on one show? Is it Nepotism or Professionalism?