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Remember The Cute Girl ‘Tina’ From Mr India? Here’s How She Looks Like Now.

The 90’s cult classic, Mr India is one of the many Bollywood movies which made our childhood better. The sci-fi film ruled over our hearts with not only its dialogues and story but also with each and each and every character of the flick. Admit it or not, but Mr India definitely made us wish to be a hero like him one day!

When the name ‘Mr India’ comes to our mind, the first thing that we recall is the amazing star cast of the film that remains the best till date. Who can forget Mogambo or Calendar?

Since we were feeling much nostalgic about the whole movie and star cast of the film, we thought of digging deep to find out where are the actors now and what they are up to. And in that search of ours, we came across Huzaan Khodaiji.

Do you remember the adorable little girl ‘Tina’ who made us all cry with her tragic death in the movie?

Yes, her. That cute child actor of Mr India is all grown up on and how!

Source: Facebook

And she is still as pretty and cute as she was back then

Huzaan prefers to stay out of the limelight, and the last we saw her was during a reunion of Mr India cast members at a film festival.

Here are some more of Huzaan’s pictures just in case if you’ve fallen for those deep dimples 😉

Quite nostalgic, Isn’t it?

What do you think?

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