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Rishi Kapoor sends insulting DM to a twitter user who Criticised Sanju’s trailer

Rishi Kapoor and his not so good behaviour with his fans have often created headlines. Recently, the actor was moved into tears when he saw the trailer of his son, Ranbir Kapoor’s upcoming film Sanju. Rishi felt as if it was not Ranbir but Sanjay Dutt who is playing the role. No doubt Rishi Kapoor’s heart was filled with pride after seeing his son’s best performance. However, Ranbir father seems to like Sanju’s trailer so much that he just cannot take anything against it.

Rishi Kapoor’s short temper and his rude behaviour with some online users had often dragged him into headlines. Recently, a Twitter user posted a criticizing review of Sanju’s trailer. The guy had just penned down his opinion, which didn’t seem to go well with Rishi Kapoor.

The user tweeted, “I’m stunned at that new Sanju trailer. Such a blatant attempt to clean up Sanjay Dutt’s image. A criminal is a criminal. That too who was involved in bombings in a city. Raju Hirani is an absolute scum.”

Instead of reacting in the comment section, Rishi Kapoor directly sent a message to the guy. The message read,

“What do you know of cinema you prick. We are in the entertainment business not repairing anybody’s image. As swipes like you don’t deserve to see films.”


We are sure Rishi ji had no clue that the user will even tweet his personal message. We are waiting for Rishi Kapoor to comment on the matter.


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