Sharing these every day things can be dangerous for your health


It is not always money that people like to borrow. There are these little things we use almost every day and a lot of time we even share them with friends. While they say sharing food increases the bond between two people, there are things which actually can be dangerous if you share them with someone. Yes, becomes difficult to say no to our close ones for anything, but for their good health, you have to say them ‘No’ if they ask for these things.

  • Nail Clipper/files- Sharing nail clippers or filers can be dangerous. There can be tiny blood flecks or other infected organisms that can be transmitted.

  • Towels- Infections like pink eye or gonorrhea can be spread by sharing towels.

  • Lip-Balm- Either someone will apply your chapstick directly, or they’ll rub it on their hand first and then apply. But in both the cases, the bacteria will be transmitted.

  • Earrings- Wearing an earring might make a little break in the skin, which allows the viruses from the previous wearer to enter the blood.

  • Earphones- The most common thing we share with our buddies. Well, using earphones for a long time causes bacteria in the ears, this bacteria can then get into someone else’s ears as well if you share your earphones with them

  • Razors- Sharing razors prove to be the most dangerous among all. It can transmit deceases like hepatitis B, C, and HIV, apart from that it can even cause fungal infection.


  • Soaps- Sharing soaps can cause recurring infections of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an antibiotic-resistant staph infection.


Image source- Vickerey, wittyfeed


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