This is how the star cast of Shaktimaan looks after 21 years

You can’t really call yourself a true 90’s kid if you haven’t watched Shaktiman. Agreed that not everyone might have remained an ardent fan of this show in childhood, but most of us have. Like Hollywood have Superman, Batman or Spiderman, for us the best superhero was none other than Shaktiman. How many of you have tried flying like Shaktiman in childhood? Well, we are sure a lot of kids in those days tried performing all the stunts they saw their superhero Shaktiman doing. It has been more than 21 years now and the show still lingers on our mind. But ever wonder what the star cast of the show is up to these days? Well, with time they have transformed drastically, and we are sure you’ll be shocked to see their recent pictures.


Take a look at their then and now pictures

  1. Mukesh Khanna 

2. Vaishnavi Mahant

3. Surendra Pal 

4. Lalit Parimoo 

5. Tom Alter 

6. Ashwini Kalsekar 

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