These Cutest Little Telly Star Kids And Their Adorable Pictures Will Make Your Day!

TBH It’s not just Taimur and Inaaya’s cutesy pictures that make the Internet go crazy upon them… There are equally adorable munchkins from our telly world too who are simply too cute for us to look at while we would scroll through our Facebook and Instagram feed. Telly star kids nowadays have a social media account for themselves with a humongous fan base and pictures and videos that can never get enough of! Now ain’t that something different to talk about when this generation’s star toddlers are concerned?

While we go through the utmost cute pictures of these telly star kids, they might not even know how popular and loved they are by millions of people from all around the world at such a small age.

Hence, just to brighten up your day a little bit more, and just in case if you haven’t witnessed the cuteness of our telly star’s kids, have a look at them over here:

1. Rannvijay Singha’s Daughter – Kainaat Singha

Baby Kainaat of Rannvijay Singha had to definitely top our list because she’s undoubtedly one of the cutest kids of our television stars. Rannvijay Singha and his wife Prianka became parents to the most adorable little baby girl a year and three months ago. They named her Kainaat, and just as the name suggests, she is their universe. Both the parents often post the cutest photos of her on their individual social media handles, and the love she gets on there is incredible. Just in case if you didn’t know, baby Kainaat also has her own Instagram account and that too with 102k Followers! Imagine the amount of popularity that she owns at such a tiny age.

2. Karanvir Bohra’s Twin Daughters – Bella and Vienna

Who in the world wouldn’t have seen these chubby little babies of Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu?! Karanvir and Teejay’s twin daughters as cute as a button and as different from each other as chalk and cheese. Both are absolutely adorable, yet they share unique kind of tantrums to deal with, while one is more expressive and talkative, the other one is a bit reserved and shy one. And how can we not mention about the number of wide smiles that you can get by looking at the twin sister’s official Instagram account! It will be your daily dose of cuteness, trust on that.

3. Shweta Tiwari’s Son – Reyaansh

Kasauti Zindagi Kay actress Shweta Tiwari’s son Reyaansh is one and a half year old and has us all aww-ng with his adorable pictures from his latest trip to London with Mommy. If only he’d know how to use Instagram, he would have known that his fans are coming all the way to his mommy’s Instagram account to have a look at his videos of tasting ketchup for the first time or playing with his mom in the care.

4. Arjun Bijlani’s Son – Ayaan

Arjun Bijlani’s little superstar Ayaan is now 3 years old and a darling of all eyes for quite some time now. Did you know that Arjun’s munchkin loves to watch his shows and to be around his daddy dearest even when he is on the shoot? Ayaan is a complete charmer, and a proof of that is his videos on Arjun’s Instagram account.

5. Karan Mehra’s Son – Kavish Mehra

Karan Mehra’s baby Kavish Mehra is just 10 months old now, yet he is already such a stunner when it comes to giving the perfect smile and poses in his pictures. He indeed is a born superstar and his pictures in Karan and Kavish’s Instagram accounts are worth all the love.

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