Vikas gave a befitting reply to a page who said he didn’t give his prize money to Arshi and Jyoti

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Vikas Gupta was one of the famous contestants of Bigg Boss 11. Vikas is a known name in TV industry, however, common people didn’t know him until he appeared in the Bigg Boss house. During his stay in the Bigg Boss house, Vikas kind of had a sweet and sour relationship with Shilpa Shinde. He shared a good bond with Arshi and Jyoti, who didn’t remain in the house for long.

After Vikas was announced the second runner-up of Bigg Boss, he decided to divide his prize money of 6 lakhs between his Arshi and Jyoti. He did so because it was Arshi and Jyoti who remained by Vikas side in all the situations in the house.

This is what he had said,

“I will give them Rs 3 lakh each. Jyoti stood by me like a rock when the whole house was against me. Arshi, too, was protective of me. She cared more about me as a friend than the show.”

However, recently a fan page of Bigg Boss on Twitter claimed that Vikas didn’t give his prize money to Arshi and Jyoti. He created everything just for the sake of publicity.

This is what the Khabri wrote,

“Exclusive and Confirmed!

@lostboy54 did not gift his prize money to @ArshiKOfficial or #Jyoti as he had promised.

It was fake Publicity Stunt By Vikas Gupta to gain More sympathy and attention.”


As soon as the tweet came out, Twitter users started slamming Vikas for not fulfilling his promise, here’s how Twitterites reacted,

After all these tweets started making rounds, Vikas soon came forward to clear the air.

In fact, even Jyoti released a video stating she received the money from Vikas.

It was later cleared that the Twitter page got this update from Arshi when they asked her if she received the money from Vikas Arshi denied it.

Arshi herself cleared everything by posting a series of screenshots of the chat she had with The Khabri.

So we hope things are now cleared to everyone. 


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