Who is this guy supporting Vikas from Day 1? Hint : More than Friends.

We’ve noticed that the whole Tellyworld is supporting Vikas and have already started the jargons to vote him. But there is the one strength of pillar, who has been continuously aiming and wanting him to be on the Top. He has not only been sitting out and saving Vikas Gupta’s faults and making them into positive but also trying to give audience a clear picture about Vikas Gupta.

Ever wondered, why would someone do so much for Vikas Gupta ? But the bubble is broken that this hot shot guy is no jackpot. He is Siddharth Gupta, younger brother of Vikas. He has been like a good brother been doing all the social engagements and making him look like a great candidate to win Bigg Boss. He wants him to pick up the trophy and the title, and Siddharth is doing all his best to fulfill those dreams.

Siddharth Gupta is entering the glam world, and is all set to start his career in Tellyworld. He is prepping up and getting done with all the checklist. He is not weighing on Vikas Gupta’s stardom but wanting to do something on his own.


Here all thanks to Siddharth for spreading love on behalf of Vikas Gupta.

And all the best for your future .


Here are the snaps of this hot-shot :










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