Filmygyan is a rare platform which seeks to fulfill a three-fold vision:


Authentic film ratings

In today’s world, one is aware of the choices he or she makes. A movie ticket is not just a movie ticket anymore, it is a conscious choice of investing your time and hard earned money. But despite this heightened awareness, theatre-goers are misled by  unreliable film ratings. So the first objective of our website is to be your source for 100% authentic movie ratings.


Direct interaction of celebrities and fans

This is definitely a dream come true. Our website will serve as an online interactive portal where you can communicate with your celebrities up close and personal.


Promotion of new talent

All you talented people who are on the lookout for an opportunity to showcase your talent, your wait is over! Our website will make use of its strong presence to provide your talent the needed exposure.


Who are we

A team of creative and passionate Bollywood buffs(just like you) led by the Founder of Filmygyan, Mr Aftab Khan(clearly the biggest Bollywood buff amongst us). This goes without saying that our website Filmygyan is your one-stop spot for all you want to know about the world of entertainment and music. Be it news, scoop, articles, reviews, blogs, quizzes-we have it all.


What we do

 Our website delivers content viewing life through the lens of Bollywood(the entertainment and music industry). Yes, we entertain you. But that’s not just what we do. We bring a smile to your face and add that little dose of sunshine to your world.  



 As given statistics reveal, Filmygyan is the preferred digital destination for over 9.6 million people. We are the new gamechangers in the web world due to this wide-growing and expansive reach. Filmygyan is a brand which believes in providing tremendous value too the readers, hence we are attracting top brands and advertisers from all over the world.

Online success:

Facebook 14 million+ Likes

Twitter 60K+ followers

Instagram 6.4 Miliion+ followers

(Data as recorded on 7th March, 2017)


Contact us

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