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Rinku Dhawan promises to cook well in the Bigg Boss house; her dal is the best in the house

by Aditya Rana

Actress Rinku Dhawan, who is currently being seen in the controversial reality show Bigg Boss, is on a roll. Before entering the show she had mentioned about her intentions to cook good food for herself and her housemates. She had said that this is a responsibility she can take and excel in. As they say the proof of the pudding lies in eating, Rinku got a chance to prove it. She is currently serving the duty for kitchen inside the house and her culinary skills has been hugely appreciated by the inmates. Recently when she made a simple dal, everyone loved it – specially Ankita Lokhande who kept praising Rinku while having the dal with rice.

“I enjoy cooking. Talking about specialty, as far as I know, there is a limitation in the availability of ingredients there. So, I will cook something good accordingly. I am not a pro at cooking but I am sure people will like it. When it comes to household chores, I believe it is kind of a home for us, as we are going to spend the next three to four months there. And it is our responsibility to keep our home neat. I am going to treat it just as I treat my own home, that is how it deserves to be treated,” she says.

She adds, “I know how to cook but due to quite a hectic schedule, I could not get enough time to go through recipes that I would have to cook in the Bigg Boss house. But I do know that whatever I cook, tastes good so I don’t think I would need to look for any recipes. If you want to know how pro I am, just taste one of the dishes made by me, I assure you’ll like it.”

Talking about how contestants hide stuff in the Bigg Boss house, she says, “Honestly, I have never done anything like that. But, at the same time, as we have watched the previous seasons of the show Bigg Boss, we have noticed that people tend to hide stuff to eat. I believe there must be some reason behind this too. Maybe it’s something they don’t like to share, by that I mean it could be their favourite food. Or they might not get a chance to have it very often. I believe if anything has come to the house, it is meant for everyone. At the same time, there could be any task for example, if something has been brought for any specific person, then he or she is only allowed to have it. If you ask me, personally, I don’t like to do anything like that when it comes to food. But keeping in mind the fact of the limited stock of food provided there, I think whatever they do makes sense.”

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