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“But my friends are scared of me now,” Reem Shaikh says – Find out Why?

by Aditya Rana

Reem Shaikh, the beloved actress known for her versatility, has been captivating audiences with her portrayal of Ankita Rastogi, a sharp-witted lawyer, in Sony LIV’s exclusive show Raisinghani vs Raisinghani. While Reem dives deep into her character, she recently shared an amusing anecdote about a peculiar trait her character possesses.

Reem recently revealed that her character has a unique way of dealing with those she doesn’t see eye to eye – a habit that initially gave her pause. “Playing Ankita is fun, she is smart, strong and independent, someone GenZ’s would resonate with. But there is one habit of hers that had me raising an eyebrow,” Reem chuckled.

Delving deeper Reem revealed Ankita’s mischievous streak, which involves tampering with coffee. “Let’s just say, Ankita has a creative way of getting her point across. It’s funny but I must admit, even as a coffee lover myself, I cringed a little at the thought of someone tampering with my loved brew after filming that scene.”

Adding further on her first thought on her character’s trait to how it’s transcended to her friend’s circle, Reem said, “I remember thinking, ‘Seriously’, But then I realized, it adds a hilarious twist to the plot! It is even more hilarious how my friends and I have turned Ankita coffee tampering method into a running joke. Whenever they tease me, I playfully warn them, ‘Remember, I have my own Ankita moments waiting for you!’ It’s all in good fun, and we can’t help but laugh about it. It’s become our quirky way of bonding, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, I think my friends are also a bit scared – they’re aware of Ankita’s tactics and they know I’m not one to back down from a challenge!”

Reem Shaikh’s playful approach to her character’s adds an extra dash of humor to Raisinghani vs Raisinghani, making it a must-watch for fans of entertainment with a twist.

Don’t miss out on the fun; tune in to Sony LIV for the latest episodes of Raisinghani vs Raisinghani!

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