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COLORS’ ‘Mangal Lakshmi’: Five instances where Mangal’s character felt relatable!

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In just a fortnight, COLORS’ new show ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ has stormed onto our television screens, placing the spotlight firmly on Indian ‘homemakers,’ capturing their everyday struggles, celebrating small joys, and deftly juggling family and household duties. With a breath of fresh air, this popular show perfectly captures the pulse of today’s society and has struck a chord with its realistic characters. Here are the five instances from ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ that every homemaker could relate to Mangal’s character.

*Sabjiyo ka Tol-Mol*

*Mangal’s keen eye for picking fresh vegetables*

In the first episode, we see Mangal hurriedly buying vegetables and hears another sound ‘ek ke upar ek palak free’ from another vegetable seller. However, when she checks the palak, she finds that it is not of good quality and hence, she refuses to buy it. Her regular vendor praises her for being smart and appreciate for having the keen eye for picking fresh vegetables. Mangal quickly calculates the total cost of the vegetables and gives the exact money to the vendor before he even finishes adding it up. Just like Mangal, many Indian homemakers are the unsung financial wizards of the household, mastering the art of budgeting and expense management with finesse. 

*Har Homemaker ki kahaani*

*Mangal hides tears from sister, Lakshmi*
During a video call between the two sisters, Lakshmi’s sharp eyes catch a glimpse of hidden tears as she questions Mangal’s well-being. Overwhelmed by emotions, Mangal hastily wipes away her tears, giving an excuse, “Arey, tadke se dhua aa raha hai,” With a quick change of subject, she deflects the topic and says Adit must be busy with his office schedule. This scene echoes the silent struggles of every homemaker who often refrain from showing their tears because of the societal expectations placed upon them. In many Indian households, they are seen as the pillars of stability, expected to maintain harmony within the family.

*Rasoi Ki Shaan*

*Mangal impresses Adit’s colleagues with ‘Shahi Tukda’*

Like many homemakers, Mangal is the queen of the kitchen. In an episode, her husband Adit invites his colleagues home and orders fast food for them. But Adit’s mother reminds him about their ‘Saxena ghar ki shaan’, shahi tukda. However, due to some unforeseen situation, Mangal finds that they don’t have enough milk to prepare the desert. She then cleverly makes halwa and tea for the guests instead. Even though Adit and his mother are disappointed, Mangal like every another homemaker smartly finds a way! She decides to use the leftover rabdi and makes the shahi tukda. The guests cannot stop gushing about the dessert, and Mangal’s resourcefulness earns her well-deserved praise. This relatable tale speaks volumes to the ingenuity and dedication of homemakers, who always strive to go the extra mile to make guests feel at home.

*Pehle Pariwaar for apne vichaar!*

*Mangal prioritizes family’s preferences before hers*

In the hustle and bustle of the evening, Mangal serves tea to her in-laws while they engross themselves in their favorite show. Amidst the chaos, she barely has a moment to sip her own tea before her husband arrives home. Mangal’s mother-in-law remarks on the relentless demands placed on women as they juggle multiple responsibilities. Despite it all, as soon as her husband enters, Mangal springs into action, preparing coffee for him with the same sense of dedication and routine that is emblematic of homemakers everywhere. This moment reflects the selfless devotion of homemakers who prioritize the needs of their loved ones.

*Parivaar ke saath, chahe jo bhi ho baat*

*Despite personal differences, Mangal and Adit stand for family together*

In one of the episodes, Mangal vehemently opposes Nitin’s marriage proposal for Lakshmi. A heated exchange begins with Nitin’s insults wounding the family members. But just as the situation threatens to spiral out of control, Adit swoops in and asserts, “Tum aise kisi ki insult nahi kar sakte, okay?” With arrogance seeping through with each syllable Nitin retorts, “Hey, computer engineer, relax, Apni aukaad me raho.” Yet, amidst the verbal warfare, Mangal stands firm, her loyalty to her family and support for Adit unshaken. Mangal raises her voice to defend her husband and says, “Aap aise baat nahi kar sakte Adit ji se.” The scene shows that despite personal conflicts and differences, Mangal and Adit together take a stand for their family.

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