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Five Raja Kumari Tracks to Groove to This World Music Day

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World Music Day is a celebration of the universal language of music, here are five electrifying tracks featuring the Grammy-nominated Raja Kumari that will Elevate your Playlist :

1. Jawan Title Track

An energetic anthem from the film Jawan, featuring Raja Kumari’s dynamic rap. The song combines powerful lyrics with a high-octane beat, making it a compelling addition to any playlist.

2. The Wakhra Song

A high-energy remix of a popular Punjabi track. Raja Kumari’s unique style blends traditional Punjabi music with modern rhythms, resulting in a catchy and innovative song.

3. In Love

A romantic fusion track that combines Guru Randhawa’s smooth vocals with Raja Kumari’s distinct rap, creating a beautiful and seamless blend of melodies.

4. Husn Parcham

A glamorous and vibrant song from the movie Zero. Raja Kumari’s bold rap adds a modern flair to this catchy Bollywood dance number.

5. Juice

A powerful anthem from Raja Kumari’s album The Bridge. “Juice” celebrates self-confidence and empowerment with infectious beats and sharp lyrics.

Celebrate World Music Day by diving into these tracks and experiencing the unique blend of styles that Raja Kumari brings to each one.

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