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Mandy Takhar Gained 45 KGs For ‘Haaye Ni Meri Motto’: Feels No Rush To Lose It!

by Aditya Rana

Mandy Takhar is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. Her constant efforts to do something different in movies made her versatility shine. Her upcoming film, ‘Haaye Ni Meri Motto’ will be another surprise that she is all set to give to the audience. This film is close to Mandy because she revealed that people close to her have faced bullying and hurtful comments because of weight gain. In the exclusive chat with Mandy, she revealed her journey to weight gain and weight loss and shared her experience of working with celebrated director Rakesh Dhawan.

Mandy has given a lot of her time to prepare for this film. It took 14 months for the film to go on the floor and the journey was long but her dedication was unwavering. We asked her about her difficult journey and she obliged, “The journey has been long and it is still going on. It took 7 months to gain the weight and then an extra 6 to 7 months for the film to begin. We shot the film after a long wait. I lost 45 kgs with the help of my now husband as he slapped junk food out of my hand when we were dating last year, but I have another 20kgs left to go and honestly, I have been so chilled about it as I have become immune to body shaming, so I will lose it when it pleases me.”

Mandy has done so many versatile roles in her career and her audience has always loved her different avatars but this time she focused on listening more to the celebrated director Rakesh Dhawan and Mandy is all praises for him and his way of working, “He is one of the most creative, hardworking and focused directors. He comes from an acting background and he can act and show his actors what he wants out of them and that is such a blessing as an actor can completely surrender to the director’s vision and then add a little of the self into taking the performance to a higher level”, she concluded.

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