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Shark Tank India Season 3: Vold Energy Drink Founder’s Exclusive Interview Unravels Game-Changing Passion!

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Devesh Bochre of Nighoj entered Shark Tank India Season 3 with a desire to disrupt the energy drink market with his VOLD Energy Drink. He sought to supply everyone with affordable and pleasant energy drinks.

During the exclusive interview with team Filmygyan, the Shark Tank India Season 3 pitcher and founder of Vold Energy Drink, Devesh Bochre answered in a thought provoking manner.

What inspired you to create Vold, and what makes it unique compared to other energy drinks in the Indian market?

Devesh stated “The inspiration behind Vold stemmed from a desire to offer an energy drink that not only provided a boost but also prioritized health and sustained energy. What sets Vold apart in the Indian market is our commitment to using premium, natural ingredients, avoiding artificial additives, and delivering a refreshing taste that resonates with the diverse preferences of our consumers at affordable rates that is not being considered in the range of energy drinks today”.

Given the rising demand for healthier alternatives, how did you navigate the challenge of creating a sugar-free energy drink with sustained energy benefits?

Recognizing the shift towards healthier choices, we meticulously crafted Vold to be a sugar-free energy drink without compromising on sustained energy benefits. We focused on incorporating natural sources of energy like B-vitamins and adaptogens, ensuring a steady release of energy without the sugar spike. Our commitment to health-conscious consumers has been a driving force in overcoming this challenge.

Shark Tank India played a significant role in Vold’s journey. What were your key takeaways from the experience, and how did it impact your business growth?

Shark Tank India Season 3 was a transformative experience for Vold. The valuable insights and mentorship received from the sharks enhanced our business strategy and accelerated our growth. The exposure gained from the show significantly increased brand visibility, leading to a surge in consumer interest and, ultimately, contributing to our remarkable business growth.

Balancing affordability with quality ingredients is crucial. How do you approach this aspect and ensure Vold remains accessible to its target audience?

Affordability and quality are at the core of Vold’s mission. We leverage strategic sourcing and production efficiencies to maintain competitive pricing without compromising on ingredient quality, we are manufacturing our drink here in India itself. This approach ensures that Vold remains accessible to our diverse target audience, empowering them to embrace a healthier energy drink without breaking the bank.

How did you choose the current flavor for Vold and ensure it resonated with your target audience? Do you plan to introduce new flavors in the future?

The choice of Vold’s current flavor was driven by extensive market research to understand consumer preferences. We wanted a flavor that not only appealed to a wide audience but also stood out in the crowded market. As for the future, we’re looking to introduce Aloe Vera Flavour, which will be a skincare and health friendly energy drink, while maintaining the high standard of quality that defines Vold.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. What steps is Vold taking to ensure its production and packaging processes are environmentally responsible?

Sustainability is a priority for Vold. We are actively working to minimize our environmental footprint by exploring eco-friendly packaging options and adopting energy-efficient production processes. Our commitment to sustainability aligns with the values of our environmentally conscious consumers, ensuring that enjoying Vold comes with a positive impact on the planet.

How do you engage with your target audience and build brand loyalty? What marketing strategies have been most effective for Vold?

Devesh Bochre: Engaging our target audience involves a multi-faceted approach, including social media interactions, experiential marketing at events, and collaborations with influencers who align with Vold’s ethos. Our emphasis on transparency and consumer education has fostered trust, while innovative marketing campaigns have been effective in building brand loyalty among our diverse consumer base.

What are your future aspirations for Vold? Do you envision expanding the product line, entering new markets, or exploring collaborations?

Devesh Bochre: The future for Vold holds exciting possibilities. We envision expanding our product line to offer more choices to our consumers. Exploring new markets is on the horizon, and strategic collaborations will play a pivotal role in amplifying Vold’s presence. Our aspiration is to become a globally recognized brand synonymous with premium, healthy energy drinks.

What advice would you offer aspiring entrepreneurs in India, particularly those looking to break into the competitive beverage industry?

Devesh Bochre: To aspiring entrepreneurs entering the competitive beverage industry in India, I would emphasize the importance of unwavering passion, resilience, and a deep understanding of the market. Stay committed to delivering value, be agile in adapting to market trends, and never compromise on the quality of your product. Success in this dynamic industry is fueled by innovation, consumer-centric approaches, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

As a figure in the Indian entrepreneurial landscape, what is your take on the evolving startup ecosystem and the opportunities it presents for young businesses?

Devesh Bochre: The evolving startup ecosystem in India is brimming with opportunities for young businesses. The ecosystem’s dynamism, combined with increasing consumer openness to innovative products, creates a fertile ground for entrepreneurial growth. Embrace collaboration, stay agile, and leverage the supportive ecosystem to turn challenges into stepping stones for success. The opportunities are vast, and the journey is as rewarding as the destination.

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