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COLORS’ ‘Mera Balam Thanedaar’: Gestures that make Veer a green-flag husband

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COLORS’ ‘Mera Balam Thanedaar’ has gained popularity with its compelling narrative revolving around an underage bride, Bulbul (Shruti Choudhary), and a cop, Veer (Shagun Pandey). Despite their differences, they embark on a journey to build trust and navigate the complexities of married life. While Shruti’s character of Bulbul has always been praised, Shagun’s portrayal of Veer has also been getting a lot of recognition from the audience, especially his portrayal of affection and care towards his wife. His “green flag” actions have captured the attention of the new generation, and here is why:

  1. Breaking stereotypes
    The Unstoppable Cheerleader of Bulbul’s Dreams.
    Veer’s consistent support for Bulbul’s personal growth, particularly in her education, showcases his commitment to empowering his wife and encouraging her development, indicating a healthy and respectful relationship dynamic. He is always seen being the non-judgemental man who lets Bulbul be herself. This gesture not only highlights Veer’s progressive mindset but also emphasizes his genuine care and encouragement for Bulbul’s aspirations.
  1. Respect for Bulbul
    Portrays Love with Respect and Boundaries
    Veer’s refusal to force Bulbul into anything against her will, coupled with his consistent respect for her boundaries, shows his “green flag” behaviour. By prioritizing Bulbul’s autonomy and well-being, Veer demonstrates a healthy understanding of consent and mutual respect within their relationship. Although Veer’s mother imposes silly acts to get him and Bulbul closer, Veer tends to stay committed to maintaining boundaries and never imposing himself on Bulbul creating a foundation of trust and equality.
  1. Act of Kindness
    The affectionate shield of Bulbul’s life.
    Veer is always seen understanding his wife’s likes and dislikes, despite it being an unexpected marriage. In a recent episode Veer adeptly tended to Bulbul’s ankle sprain and surprised her with her favourite sweets and always protects Bulbul from the taunts or criticisms of relatives. His thoughtful gestures show the depth of his understanding, showing the growth of their bond over time.
  1. Unconditional Love
    The selfless acts of Veer.
    In the recent episodes, we have witnessed Veer being Bulbul’s biggest supporter. By demonstrating a partner who offers unconditional support and encouragement, Veer sets a commendable example of an ideal husband, earning admiration from audiences for his genuine and selfless behaviour.

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