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Exploring Cultural Richness Of Rajasthan With National Crush Rohit Saraf

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Nation’s crush Rohit Saraf has had an undeniable tie with Rajasthan. The youth icon is currently in Rajasthan filming the third installment of his much loved series Mismatched, so he’s sharing his Rajasthan experiences online, telling fans what not to miss! 

Aptly captioned, “I may look okay but deep down I just wanna have Ghevar and Bhujiya 😭”, the actor’s love for food is quite visible through this photograph. With a smile on his face, Rohit can’t help but enjoy his favorite ghevar and bhujia.


The sight of Rohit enjoying his morning cup of coffee in the photograph sets the ideal tone for his day.

https://www.instagram.com/p/C1ygwO6vTju/?igsh=MXd1c zOHpzM qNw==

In the midst of a leisurely evening among dear friends, Rohit consistently shared genuine moments with his fans on social media. The snapshot is aptly captioned, “It wasn’t the bonfire, but the people that kept us warm ♥️”. The national crush finds personal joy in the cozy atmosphere of Narender Bhavan, Bikaner, where he delights in mouth watering local cuisine, refreshing drinks, and the company of friends, at this iconic venue. 


These snapshots not only showcase Rohit’s commitment but also ignite curiosity about the diverse array of experiences waiting to be explored within Rajasthan’s cultural milieu. We invite you to share your favorite sites and venues in this culturally vibrant state. On the work front, Rohit is currently filming Mismatched 3 while he also has Ishq Vishk Rebound in the pipeline.

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