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The many looks donned by child actor Mahi Bhanushali in COLORS’ ‘Doree’ prove she’s a star in the making

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The mark of a great actor is being able to slip into the skins of different characters. Showing great potential as a character chameleon at a tender age, actor Mahi Bhanushali from COLORS’ ‘Doree’ has been making waves with her remarkable versatility in a range of avatars. The talented Mahi is currently spearheading the thought-provoking drama that chronicles Doree (Mahi) fighting a regressive mindset. From captivating audiences with her diverse portrayals to embodying different avatars with depth and authenticity, Mahi has proven herself to be a rising star in the making. Let’s take a closer look at the standout looks donned by her in the show.

Channeling the divine grace of Devi Maa

In the early episodes of the show, Mahi Bhanushali donned the divine avatar Devi Maa to protect her father’s saree designs from a raging fire. Adorned in a magnificent saree crafted by her father, Ganga Prasad, Mahi exuded grace and elegance, complemented by a majestic crown and other divine accessories befitting the portrayal of a goddess.

Embracing the aura of Lord Krishna

In another remarkable instance, Mahi Bhanushali transformed into Lord Krishna on the show, determined to save her ailing father. Taking on the responsibility to fund his medical treatment, she courageously participated in the revered Naag Nathaiya competition which takes place in Varanasi. Radiating the essence of Lord Krishna, Mahi adorned herself with all the traditional accessories of the deity.

Performing tandav as Lord Shiv

Doree mesmerized audiences when she transformed into the likeness of Lord Shiva, adorned in sacred blue hues along with Rudraksha beads. In a captivating display of devotion, she performed tandav, a cosmic dance to protect her Baba from venturing to the Thakur Haveli, a place fraught with danger.

Stepping into the shoes of Bhola / Yeh Bhola nahi hai bhola

In the latest episodes, Doree finds herself in a fateful encounter with a Sadhu baba, who advises her to alter her appearance to safeguard her Baba who has lost his memory. Following his guidance, she transforms her appearance into that of a boy named Bhola, hailing from a neighboring village. This disguise enables her to remain close to her father, protecting him from potential threats.

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