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“Without even thinking for a second, I said yes to play the role of Bindusar”, says Chetan Hansraj who will be essaying the role of Bindusar in COLORS’ ‘Pracchand Ashok’

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Pracchand Ashok

Set in the reign of Magadh and Kaling, ‘Pracchand Ashok’ traces the journey of Emperor Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki, two individuals who are as different as day and night. Kaurwaki yearns for a spouse who is loving, compassionate and holds family above all, while Ashok, the conqueror, thirsts for victory and is fearless to shed blood for power. Despite the clash of ideals and the dichotomy of their aspirations, fate, in its grand design, pens a love saga between these two, changing the course of history. What will happen when Kaurwaki’s vision of love collides with Ashoka’s thirst for dominance?

  1. Tell us something about the show ‘Pracchand Ashok’.
    A. COLORS and Balaji Telefilms come together once more to elevate storytelling with the grand presentation of ‘Pracchand Ashok.’ Set in the era of the Magadh and Kaling dynasty, ‘Pracchand Ashok’ unfolds as a timeless romance that reshaped the essence of love and left an indelible mark on history. The narrative follows the captivating journey of Emperor Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki, two individuals starkly different yet intertwined by destiny. As their ideals clash, this saga becomes a trailblazer, shaping the course of history.
  2. Tell us something about your character.
    A. I am playing the role of Bindusar, the son of Chandragupta Maurya and Ashok’s father, and is a strong and intelligent leader. Despite his calm appearance, he is determined to grow and protect his kingdom’s greatness. Known for his smart decisions in both diplomacy and military matters, he takes the empire to new heights. However, he faces challenges within his family, particularly with his sons competing for the throne.
  3. What characteristic of Bindusar do you resonate with the most as Chetan?
    A. As a father myself, I resonate with the intricate father-son relationship depicted in the show between Bindusar and Ashok. The blend of strictness and profound love is universally relatable. There were poignant moments during the shoot, especially when a metaphorical curtain separated Bindusar and Ashok. These instances brought real emotions into play, creating a challenging and deeply emotional experience.
  4. Do you have to go physical and combat training to portray the role of Bindusar?
    A. Over the past four months, my training regime has centered around physical fitness and combat training, all geared towards embodying Bindusar as a warrior king. I opted for natural workouts, steering clear of the bodybuilder look that’s prevalent today. My focus has been on cultivating strength through natural means, in alignment with the historical period where steroids were not in use.
  5. What kind of extensive research did you have to undergo to get into the skin of a historical figure like Bindusar?
    A. In preparing for the role of Bindusar I did extensive research via reading articles available online and gathered whatever information I could find offline as well, to understand the nuances of the character. Other than this the best that could happen was Ekta giving a detailed narration, particularly delving into the intricate relationship between Bindusar and Ashok – a pivotal aspect of the show. This helped me a lot to understand the nature of Bindusar.
  6. You will be reuniting with Rakshanda Khan in ‘Pracchand Ashok’. How is it working with her?
    A. Working with Rakshanda has been great. We share a great rapport, and she’s a fabulous actor. We know each other from college days and often on the sets of ‘Pracchand Ashok’ we take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, recalling the days of fashion shows and college visits.
  7. You have had a great association with Balaji Telefilms. Tell us about the same and how did ‘Pracchand Ashok’ come your way?
    A. Being with Balaji Telefilms for over 20 years has been a game-changer for my career. When Ekta pitched the character of Bindusar from ‘Pracchand Ashok’ to me, I was immediately hooked. The gripping portrayal of the father-son dynamic and the grandeur of the show, from sets to costumes, made it irresistible. Without even thinking for a second, I said yes to play the role of Bindusar.
  8. Do you think your typecast as a villain, beat it in historical shows or daily shows?
    A. In the vast sea of characters and actors, those who are typecast tend to leave a lasting impression. While some may view typecasting as a negative, I see it as a positive aspect of my career. When you are typecast, it means you’ve made a significant impact in a particular role. I hope that whenever Bindusar’s name comes up, people will remember me. I’ll give it my all to make that happen.
  9. A message to your fans and viewers.
    A. I am overwhelmed by the love and support my fans have always showered on me. The role of Bindusar is very close to my heart, and I hope to live up to your expectations. I promise to keep you entertained and put my best efforts into making this show grander.

Get ready for a historical love saga in ‘Pracchand Ashok’ premiering at 10:oo PM on the 6th of February 2024 and airing every Monday to Friday only on COLORS.

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