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Pooja Bhatt sees the X factor in Bebika Dhurve; here’s why

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Pooja Bhatt

In an exclusive interview, Bollywood icon Pooja Bhatt showered praise on her Bigg Boss OTT 2 co-contestant, Bebika Dhurve, highlighting her resilience and intelligence amidst adversity. Bhatt, known for her candidness, revealed her admiration for Bebika, expressing concern about the unjust treatment the latter faced within the Bigg Boss house.

Bebika, according to Pooja, had become a target of fat-shaming and mockery, a situation that stirred Bhatt’s protective instincts. “I think the most amazing thing for me in the Bigg Boss house was this wonderful child called ‘Bebika’ whom I met there,” shared Pooja. She acknowledged Bebika’s anger, stemming from the unjust treatment she received, but emphasized the young contestant’s bright intellect.

Pooja Bhatt’s connection with Bebika went beyond the superficial dynamics of reality television. “When I was with her, I knew there was a reason that I am in this house, and it is important for me to stand up for her,” asserted Bhatt in the interview. Her support for Bebika was not a strategic move but a genuine bond forged amidst the perceived toxicity of the Bigg Boss environment.

Pooja Bhatt’s commitment to stand by Bebika was resolute, with the actress declaring, “I will remain there for her till the day I die.” Pooja reflected on the profound nature of their connection, stating, “If you can go and form a bond like that in a situation where people feel the environment is very toxic, then you have some X factor in you.”

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