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‘It was challenging to play Munjya when he takes bodily form via me!’ : Sharvari

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Gorgeous Bollywood actress Sharvari has turned out to be the biggest surprise factor in Munjya for two reasons. First, it was kept under wraps that Munjya takes bodily form for the first time through Sharvari and while she scares the living daylights out of people, she also lands the laughs! Second, her song Taras is a blockbuster and people are pouring love on the new rising star of the industry who can act, dance and has a magnetic screen presence.

Munjya is now a blockbuster for the industry having now cruised into the coveted 100 crore club! Talking about how Sharvari became Munjya, the actor says, “I was super excited, it was thrilling and definitely challenging but I was like a ball of nervous energy on the first day that I have to walk on set as Munjya because when Munjya takes a bodily form it was supposed to be mine so while it was challenging – I think, it was a great experience.”

She adds, “I had to scare people but they also had to laugh at the same time that was the most challenging part of this role but seeing all the responses that I am getting from the audience. I am just so overwhelmed and so thankful.”

Check out the video uploaded by Sharvari that details out her transformation to become Munjya in the film. Link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C88wPtdSRX-/?igsh=d2UwNzdzMGFzMTE=

Sharvari went through the drill of having to do make-up for over 5 hours daily to look like Munjya. She says, “When the Munjya prosthetics was happening, it used to take me 5 hours everyday in the morning or when we used to begin for the whole prosthetics to come together and it used to take me another one and a half hours to remove those entire prosthetics. We had a team of 5 – 6 people who used to constantly touch up because there were very very minute details that you had to look through.”

Sharvari adds, “When I had to the Munjya bits in the film, I had no reference as to how do I have to have my body language. The Munjya that you see in our film is a complete CGI character and it is not a real person so when I get possessed by Munjya the whole idea was that we keep the growls real, we keep the face real, the dialogues were kept in tandem with how the Munjya speaks and the body language was something we came up together with the director Aditya sir. He and I discussed body language a lot. We used to shoot a lot of videos here and there so that you know we are able to pick on one body language and then finally continue that going forward in the film.”

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