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“Kartam Bhugtam” Movie Review: A Promising Plot Undermined by Predictable Twists

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Director Sohum Shah’s latest venture, “Kartam Bhugtam,” presents an intriguing storyline that, unfortunately, falls short in execution.

Movie Rating: 3/5 Stars

Movie review by Ratan Srivastava:

Shreyas Talpade and Vijay Raaz deliver commendable performances, bringing depth to their characters. Madhoo stands out as the vicious Amma, while Aksha Pardasany captivates with her strong screen presence. Their portrayals are the high points of the film, adding a layer of credibility to the otherwise shaky narrative.

Despite some well-crafted twists, the film fails to maintain the grip expected from a thriller. Soham Shah, known for his nail-biting dramas, struggles to replicate his past successes. “Kartam Bhugtam” has moments where the plot starts to engage, but these moments are fleeting. The twists, though well-conceived, become predictable and fail to sustain interest. A thriller of this genre should either leave you chuckling or stunned, but this film’s climax falls flat, evoking neither.

The film’s music is largely forgettable. The title track, repetitive and haunting in a negative way, fails to leave a mark. The background score, particularly during Vijay Raaz’s scenes, is overly loud and detracts from the narrative. The reliance on old-school scare tactics feels outdated, lacking the subtlety needed to create genuine suspense.

The film’s message about karma is overly emphasized, losing its impact due to repetitive hammering. The second half of the movie takes an unexpected turn, but it doesn’t save the overall experience from mediocrity.

Overall, “Kartam Bhugtam” boasts an interesting premise but suffers from poor execution and predictability. While the performances are noteworthy, the film doesn’t deliver the compelling thriller it promises.

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