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Navigating the Fine Line: Jennifer Winget’s impactful portrayal in Raisinghani vs Raisinghani

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Navigating the fine line between an artist and the on-screen character requires delicate mastery, a skill Jennifer Winget is known for. Currently seen as Anushka Raisinghani, an empathetic, loyal, and diligent lawyer in Sony LIV’s exclusive Raisinghani vs Raisinghani. Embracing the challenges of the role allowed her to transcend her own personality and delve into the intricate art of character development. The character had a profound impact, shaping her understanding and leaving a lasting mark.

Talking about her character and preparation, Jennifer says, “Getting into the skin of the character is the secret sauce for a great performance for any actor. In Anushka’s world where being virtuous and empathetic is above everything. To play Anushka I had to consciously train myself to learn empathy which is quite different from my own personality. While right emotions is key, nailing the way the character talks is also super important. Especially in Raisinghani vs Raisinghani where we’re playing lawyers dealing with legal terms.”

Jennifer further added, “Luckily, our awesome team of writers does all the heavy lifting with the legal jargon, so we actors can focus on our roles. A big shoutout to the real-life lawyers who deal with this every day! Plus, as an actor, I always want each character to stand out, not just emotionally but also in how they look. For Anushka, I worked hard to look like a confident lawyer, even dropping a few pounds for that perfect look.”

Raisinghani vs Raisinghani intricately unfolds a tale where love and hatred are entangled with principles, vengeance, morality, and the responsibilities of life. Jennifer Winget takes the lead in the show, accompanied by Karan Wahi and Reem Shaikh, adding depth to the ensemble cast.

Raisinghani vs Raisinghani streamings on Sony LIV every Monday to Wednesday at 8 PM

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