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Akshay Kumar’s sweet video with his daughter is the best thing on the Internet today

by Aditya Rana
Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar, known for his love for adventure recently shared a heartwarming and relatable moment on his Instagram account that had fans smiling all over the Internet. In the sweet video he posted, we see Akshay on a paddle boat adventure with his daughter as he allows her to take control of the paddle boat. I’m a humorous clip, the boat steered into bushy tree branches and Akshay is almost hidden behind them as his daughter paddles them back out.

Akshay’s infectious laughter and warm smile clearly showed the love and joy he was experiencing during this playful father-daughter bonding time as we also hear giggles from his daughter. The actor posted the video with the caption, “So I let my daughter steer the paddle boat and then this happened”.


The post quickly drew the attention of Akshay’s fans, who filled the comments section with heart and love emojis, expressing their appreciation for this touching glimpse into Akshay’s life as a doting father.

This heartwarming family moment took place shortly after the release of Akshay Kumar’s latest film, Mission Raniganj, which received praise and love from fans and critics alike. Akshay’s performance as an unsung hero in the movie was particularly well-received.

As fans eagerly anticipate Akshay Kumar’s next project, this endearing video reminds us that even Bollywood’s biggest stars cherish the simple joys of life with their loved ones and Akky definitely wins father of the year.

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